December 07, 2010

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Here's the first edition of a new weekly feature on rcboisjoli, Tools of the Trade will be a posting of my favourite and most used tools of the studio. I often rely on several tools for finishing, decorating and fabricating my work. This feature was inspired by a series of stunning photographs by studio mate Naomi Yasui on her blog, Canadian China. Check them out here: sponge on a stick.

TOTT 001

Tool:              Modeling tool
Origin:           Lee Valley
Price:             3$
Age:               7 years
Description:   Hexagonal ridged handle, flexible wide head, steel.
Use:        Daily. Best for cutting cast wares from the reservoir. Flexible thin blade allows for a smooth cut along reservoir ridge. Often misplaced and often needed but always found again.


  1. this is my tool of choice. soooo good.