January 03, 2011


Enamel & Brass

A recent trip to the St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market proved fruitful with several great finds. I couldn't resist the lure of many vendors' 50% off tags. I picked up several tins, a plate, a great ceramic stand and several pins. Enameled metal is so beautiful.

Navy League: Keep Watch!

Kitzb├╝hel, Austria's finest ski resort town. Beautiful cobalt enamel with textured brass and elegant deer. Great stylized antlers, looks like an umbrella handle.

Souvenir Badge. Features a fine squirrel flanked with wheal details above lady slipper blossoms.

I got three of these great badges. Two of them are sparkling and one is tarnished, but still looks great. All three badges have pin backs and a ribbon bar as well. Perhaps county fair style awards are in order?

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