January 03, 2011


Great Plates

I can't resist a great decorative plate. Tacky or formal, beautiful or darn right ugly but always Canadian. My plate wall is always growing, sprawling across all provinces, territories and the kitchen wall too.

This great plate features an amazing border of crests. Each Canadian territory and province at the time is represented, surrounding a central national crest. A proud Mountie rides his trusty steed, back-dropped by majestic mountains. Hand painted overglaze details in bright yellow and shocking red clad the rider and horse.

The back of the plate gives a short history of the RCMP including the origins of the Royal title. Produced in England by Wood & Sons in their Alpine White English Ironstone.

1 comment:

  1. Alex, don't you love the story on the back? Will we be seeing RCBoisjoli wares with stories on the bottom, hmm? That would be special. Happy New Year!