January 16, 2011

Gingerbeer Inspiration

Early Toronto Bottles

Digging into the history of one's own town is an easy launching point for inspiration. In the early 1900's all across Southern Ontario small potteries thrived producing domestic wares. Crocks, bottles, jugs and mugs were all mass produced. Bottles were used for beverages, and were considered disposable. Some manufacturers grew over the years but all have disappeared.

One personal favourite of mine are the gingerbeer bottles. A dozens of companies competed in production and illustrated great stoneware bottles. The below images are from the Early Canadian Bottle Works and Maple Leaf Auctions. Both are great resources and auction houses focusing on Canadian ceramics and glass wares, with lots of local Southern Ontario goods.

Below is rcboisjoli's first gingerbeer style bottle. Bottles have always been a fascinating reference, but usually our focus has been early glass production. The handsome Charles Wilson bottle above is a favourite. It's hard to believe people just tossed these away.

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  1. These are really nice. I used to dig bottles up in a secret downtown Toronto location and found many bits and pieces of the bottle with the Charles Wilson squirrel above. Never a whole one.