March 09, 2011

Two Thousand!

Two Thousand Page Views & Giveaway!

Two commemorate this little milestone for rcboisjoli's blog we'll behaving our first giveaway!
One prize package of unique Chevaux de Bois Porcelain Peanuts will be mailed to a random viewer of this post. All you have to do is leave a comment in this post to enter.

One lucky individual will receive a trio of hand cast peanuts in the mail.
The winner will be chosen Sunday night and announced Monday morning.

Please ensure you leave your email address or sign in with your account, so we can contact the winner


  1. me wanty. plus i've never opened mail from you before!

  2. Alexx those are totally impractical yet very cute!

  3. oh you said the magic word
    (are those magic peanuts by chance?)

  4. yes please!

    twelveohtwo at gmail dot com

  5. I'm sure your nuts are lovely beej. do i win something huh? how bout now? now?

  6. i have been taking calcium pills lately, so i bet i could swallow those. if i win, i will.

  7. my porcelain sundae's been kinda lonely since his ruby cherry left him for that slutty marble cheesecake. some peanuts sure would cheer him up though!