April 01, 2011

New Photos, Old Work: Foxes, Hares, Deers and Roses


rcboisjoli's new site is in the works, launching one day soon. I'm re-shooting some old work in an attempt to match the newer work's photography style. Here's a few of my favourite recent older pieces.

 Wood grain deer with golden halo. I love the heavy shoulders of this vase. It's one of the few 'portly' items rcboisjoli has ever produced. This two colour ceramic decal pairs well with the soft pinky-ivory tones of the vase.

These slender pill bottles feature vintage blue rose decals. Cut out motifs appear on the back of each bottle, which lead to their name, Pop Out Rose Bottles. Produced in very limited amounts.

Fox and Hare Hexagonal Bottles, foxes and hares chase each other around. Decals printed in rusty red and acorn brown on clear and ivory glazed bottles. Small mouthed and six sided, always in pairs. 

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