June 23, 2011

Collected: 74 Queen St., Parkdale, Ont

In Appreciation of Bottles

I've always loved old glass, especially early mass production of commercial bottles. These small hand crafted bottles are entirely beautiful with so much detail in form, shape and design. I especially love the use of raised lettering and have always hoped to recreate this in my own work. 
Also fascinating is the fact that these old bottles were one of the first disposables! Old towns and cities have dumps full of beautiful medicine, beverage and ointment bottles.

This handsome bottle is marked 74 Queen St, Parkdale Ontario. From the old city of Parkdale that is, before it became part of York in 1879 and then later Toronto, 1889. I especially love the tagline at the bottom, that I suspect read: Shake The Bottle.

Still capped by it's original and now degraded cork, the bottle still has the remnants of some dark red liquid clinging to the inside.

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