July 07, 2011

Jump In and Join Up!


Swimming In Pictures is a blog, curated by Ian Phillips, explores the vernacular and photographic history of people swimming. In an effort to share his collection, rather than 'hoard them away' Ian has created a blog that explores swimming, bathing and beach culture. Not only entertaining, each original photograph exposes an intimate memory, one that is more relaxed, fun and less constrained. People in their bathing suits are posing, playing and performing for the viewer and each snapshot is a link between the present and the past.

Any of these pictures could have been taken yesterday—people taking time out, smiling and having fun at the beach just as we do today. Children and adults showing off for the camera. - Ian Phillips

Each photograph presents us with a cultural reflection, one not commonly seen. Each generation has it's style and values, these attitudes are reflected in their attire and dress, from full bodied wool gowns to skimpy and colourful bathing suits. Each photograph is intimate and revealing as the people contained within.

Atlantic City 1910

 Edna, Helen and Eva, 1934

July 9th, 1924

Rosedale, 1952

Provincetown, 1936

Cortez Beach, Florida, 1925

Ottawa River, Petawawa, 1918

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