July 14, 2011

The Niagara File: Book Preview

Sneak Peak!

A few snap shots of The Niagara File, which is being launched tonight, to tease you all. The book is not only a catalogue of the show, but also serves to explore the various boundaries presented at the Falls. So often the Falls are obscure, shrouded in mist, but the fence is always there. It serves as the last obstacle at the edge and a backdrop for millions of photographs. Vintage snapshots of couples, children and tourists flock to the fence for their very own 'edge of the falls' photograph.
Overlayed hand silkscreened layers of beautiful glassine paper, obscure the scene with an image of that Niagara Fall fence.

Cover Photo by Thomas Blanchard

The book also contains a brief yet stunning story written by Pas de Chance regular, Elissa Joy. Tightrope with it's vague disguise as a perfect honeymoon adventure, is a touching look at the culture of Niagara Falls as a destination. Often imagined as the perfect romantic getaway, the Falls often falls short, with it's odd small town yet Vegas like aspirations.

Publishing wizard Ian Phillips, has not only fabricated this whole book by hand, but also manages to include two fold out mini poster art works. Above is a dramatic print of the falls, titled Combing The Falls. At first comical, then sinister as the Falls are a hotspot for water related deaths.

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