July 31, 2011

That's A Redo

Refired Glaze

A recent kiln load of glazed pieces didn't quite work out the way we wanted them too, so we tossed them into my studio mates cone six last night to see if I could save them. They came out great! The first kiln got too hot and melted all the crystal growth that gives our Seagull Egg glaze all it's character. This time around they got lots of growth!

These bottles regained a lot of texture, maybe even a bit too much texture for the usual wares. The overall affect may get toned a bit down in the decal firing as the crystals get just enough heat change once again. Sometimes a redo is in order to salvage some otherwise great pieces.

Look out at the Bloorcourt Street Fair for those taller vases, they'll be clad in a new decal just in time for the show.

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