August 31, 2011

Clock Face: Prints

Clock Face Prints: First Round

Today is devoted to test printing our new screen, the HAMS clock face. This is our most complicated decal to date, with three overglazes on two separate decals, black, orangey and Glow In The Dark too. Here's the first round of black and orange prints. These will be fired onto the clock face first and a second Glow In The Dark decal will be floated over top of the first layer of decals. This has to be done because the Glow In The Dark fires at a much lower temperature then our regular decals. Two temperatures, two layers of decals.

Each round of printing we get better at lining up the screens. A quick clamp has become the best tool for holding the screen whilst we pull the overglaze. We opted out of a very thin trap because the overglaze shows overlapped areas. We have zero room for error, so it's tricky business printing these clock faces. Good thing there isn't a hundred to do.

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