August 25, 2011

A Quick Proof

Clock Prototype

Always when we make a new mold here at the rcboisjoli studios, we can't wait to try it out. There are tricks to fast curing your mold, fans, kilns, sunny windows and even the microwave. We always try to pull a cast just before it's dry and the resulting first cast is always a wonky mess. This clock actually came out great. A preliminary mock up for the HAMS clock. We're working on a new doodad for the top of the clock, something a bit more substantial.

Now we're stuck with the task of making a bone china casting slip. Lots of trial and error and buckets  of slop in the studio right now. We had our first successful batch last night with a terrific lightning storm all about the studio, mad scientist style. Bone china is a great hard white translucent clay body but terrible to work with. The bone ash, which is synthetic now, is very caustic and works against the deflocculation of the slip. We'll post more when (if) we get better results.

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