August 09, 2011

Wooden Crates

Show Props

Although rcboisjoli mainly works in ceramics, we love other materials, like wood. We've always wanted a series of wooden crates as show props for ages, but couldn't like just the right ones or ones that are affordable. This led us to a few hours of a different kind of mess. A few hours of cutting, sanding and staining are here we are.

Freshly waxed and buffed (by hand with an old sock) these will be a great help at the upcoming Bloorcourt Street Fair this weekend. The best part about these crates is that this one fits into that one and those fit into this one and suddenly they're all in one crate. Having stacking accessories is very important for shows. The less stuff you have to carry around the better, especially if your main method of transport is a bike.
We also been be sewing up a storm too, with some tent matching bunting! Stay tuned for a new product just in time for the show.

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