September 09, 2011

2012 Models Now In!

New rcboisjoli For 2012

Although it's still a while off, 2012 is approaching fast. rcboisjoli has lots of projects on the go right now and we're getting ready for the next year already. One yearly task for us is to redesign our mark for the bottoms of all our products. It's hard to believe that the lightning bolt was made almost 12 months ago now. 

In the spirit of our newest project, The Bottled Project, we've made our new mark to match. 
Just like car ads where the next years' models always seem to come earlier and earlier, we'll be using these new marks for Nolan Pelletier's submission to The Bottled Project. We're also pleased to note that the first of his bottles will be available next week! More on that soon. Here's a sneak peek for all.

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