September 17, 2011


Late Nights In The Studio

Two late nights in a row means lots of work coming out. We've been making lots of bottles and we had our first kiln full or glazed bottles come out this morning. 93 glazed bottles are now ready for decals.

Nolan's bottles have been selling well so we have to keep on top of printing decals and firing more for the Etsy shop. Since each edition of The Bottled Project is based on the same bottle we can never make too many blank bottles. We'll be making them constantly to stock up, especially for Yigi Chang's contribution that we'll launch next month. (which isn't very far away at all)

 Bellow is our makeshift decal drying rack. It's made from old screen and test bottles, and works well, but it a bit shaky. We'll be making a real one with little pull out shelves soon. Printing one hundred plus decals means we need lots of room for them to cure on. 


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