September 07, 2011

Deliveries and Awesome Finds

Studio Goods

Today's studio work was spiked by good finds and deliveries of studio goods. On the way to coffee we scored a great street-side find, a mini drawer organizer. Put to quick use for storing our decals, it made fast work of keeping them sorted and clean. We figured that the case belonged to a fly fishing enthusiast because it contained stray hairs of assorted and well labelled animals. Our favourite must be the Muskrat Belly Fur label. 

We were glad to receive our clockwork and arms in the mail, as well as our commercial clear glaze for the bone china clocks. Normally we don't rely on commercial glazes for our products, choosing instead to focus on in studio made glazes. The clocks, however, needed a commercial glaze because of the commercial gums within the glaze mixture that make it excellent to spray onto all ready vitrified work. Non porous clay is terrible to glaze, it's like water colour on waxpaper. 
We traditionally glaze at cone six, but we fired these clocks raw, right up to maturity. Fired on face, the were much stabler and we avoided any deformation. They will be glazed at a lower temperature standing up in position without fear of slumping disasters.

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