September 26, 2011

Flora Found: Magnolia Pods

Magnolia Pods: Toronto Island
A recent day trip to the paradise of Toronto Islands revealed a most curious floral discovery. It is strikingly odd, like a cluster of bloated pink alien pods, speckled and twisted. To my surprise it was growing out of a magnolia tree. It seems fitting, this odd seed pod, as it's perfect match to the gaudy grandness of magnolia blossoms in the spring.

Strewn on the grown below was a small assortment of dried up pod structures, with large bright red seeds protruding from brown pods, split and spotted. A grand find for a perfect day out. The Island is a simple but marvellous escape from the city. I believe it's the disconnect from mainland, the ferry ride although short, that takes you away from the city, both physically and emotionally.

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