September 12, 2011

The H.A.M.S. Clock

Bone China and Decals

After a few weeks of turning forms, slip trials and casting problems, rcboisjoli has finally produced the first fully realized Bone China Clock for H.A.M.S. Cast with our own bone china slip, double layered decals and real clock works, it’s been a challenge but totally worth it. 

The decaled clock face was a challenge. It’s three layers of overglaze in two firings. First a layer of black was printed then details in orange were added. These two colours were applied to the clock face and fired. A second decal was printed containing the Glow In The Dark overglaze, this was applied carefully over the first layer and refired. Glow In The Dark overglaze is fired at a much lower temperature than the rest, so it has to be done separately. 
The colours react poorly when layered too heavily so a drop out was used in all the layers of artwork. Lining up each layer was a chore but worth the effort. A big thanks to Ian Phillips for the fine art work and well designed acetates for our screens!

The clocks are part of a larger multi-year correspondence art project by the talented duo Derek McCormack and Ian Phillips. H.A.M.S., or the Holiday Arts Mail-order School, will be hosted by the AGYU at the Toronto International Art Fair in October. Coincidentally it also runs on Hallowe’en weekend, amazingly appropriate.

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