October 07, 2011

The Bottled Project: RELEASE TWO

The Bottled Project: Yigi Chang’s Half Brothers

We're super excited to release the second edition of The Bottled Project. Yigi Chang’s Half / Brothers is a great edition to our collaborative illustrator/ceramic project. Yigi’s wonderful hand worked style works graphic lines with vivid characters. His fine detailing and texture has translated very well through the silkscreen. Comical but also astute, this pair of half man / half beasts challenges the stereotypes of what it means to be a centaur.
The second round of The Bottled Project is also available on our etsy page! Each bottle is just twenty dollars, with split proceeds supporting the studio and the illustrator.

Yigi is our second designer to take part in our in our collaborative project. The Bottled Project will bring ten illustrators into the rcboisjoli studio to design an image that will emblazon one hundred individual ceramic pill bottles. Each of the ten designers is free to develop their own image and the rcboisjoli studio fabricates.
Ten illustrators x one hundred bottles = one thousand graphic bottles! 
 Each bottle is individually numbered up to one hundred and is clad with the rcboisjoli studio and each individual illustrator’s mark on the bottom.

One last detail to show the excellent graphic styling of Yigi’s handiwork.

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