October 03, 2011

Flora Found: Peppers

Flora Found: Farmers' Market

These tasty looking peppers are all gone now, roasted, blended and boiled in to three litres of tasty hot sauce. Seven pepper varieties were used this year, and although we didn't get a generous box of habeneros from a neighbour this time around, we did score some tasty Paprikas! Shown below are tasty Chocolate Peppers, mini Black Beauties, and some hot Thai Peppers.

Also making it's first appearance is our new Larger Horsebowl! Designed in the same form as our original Horse Bowl, but now fifty percent larger. We've also standardized the horse's direction, left for the small and right for the large. Check out our etsy page for more details.
 Below is the original Horse Bowl and our new larger Horse Bowl.

Just a few jars of our fire* roasted hot sauce

* 'fire' meaning our electric oven's hot electric rays.

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