October 25, 2011

Toronto Arts Foundation Award Plates

The Mayor's Art Awards Lunch

Last week the annual Mayor's Art Awards Lunch was held to celebrate the best in Toronto's arts and arts organization. The awards come as a cash prize and a work of art. This year's artwork, in the form of a ceramic plate, was designed by the lovely Toronto based, talented multimedia artist Katie Bethune-Leamen. rcboisjoli was contacted to produce the award plate under the confident direction of Katie.

The five winners and their very own ceramic plate! More information can be found here.

The plate was created with a series of digital decals and super shiny platinum lustre decals. It was a pleasure to work directly with Katie, combining the her art skills with our technical knowledge, to produce these fun and amazing award plates.

 The front and back of the award plate. 

The plate features a great digital decal on the front with matching meteorite-shaped platinum decal on the reverse, stuck between the text of the very story explaining the meteorite.

This is the first time we've had lustre decals produced. They proved to be a great opportunity to experiment with new possibilities. Look for more super things to come.

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