November 06, 2011

Ceramics and Permanence

Ceramic Memorials 

Just recently, I received a note from an Etsy customer asking the volume of the Squirrel Crest Bottle. I replied saying it holds about 250 ml of water, one cup.  Which was smaller than I had expected because the bottle looks rather voluminous. In any respect, this particular woman was looking for a permanent home for a lost pet. She mentioned her dog loved chasing squirrels so that bottle would be perfect for him, making the bottle into a type of urn, a memorial.
I must say that I was touched, to have one of my objects used in such a precious way. Through I am continuously creating a line of domestic ceramics, I had never given much thought to creating urns and vessels for the dead. The bottle became more than just a container for holding ashes, it became a symbol for the living animal, a reminder that although he is gone now, he won’t be soon forgotten.

I hope that little dog has a good place to rest, knowing that the squirrels are right there, for the chasing.

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