November 27, 2011

Loading It Up

The Craft Of Kilns

One of our favourite little kilns is down for repairs, a part is in the mail, so we've saved up a few loads of decal work to fill the giant oval kiln. Kilns are sort of like cars, as soon as you drive it off the lot, it’s already lost value. We treat all kilns very well here, but with every firing the kiln degrades just a bit. We just need a new thermocouple, which is the tool that reads the temperature within the kiln so the digital controls know what’s happening inside.
Here’s a picture showing the loading about half way through. We’ve made sure to include lots of The Bottled Project bottles for the upcoming holiday shows. We’ve got lots of bottles by Nolan Pelletier, Yigi Chang and new new new bottles by Alan Dalby ready to go.

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