November 16, 2011

Studio Life

Busy Times

This time of the year is always busy for most crafty people, and the rcboisjoli studio is no exception. Here's a few images of work in progress, including a sneak peek at our new cups! Lots of casting has been happening for our upcoming shows. Below is a pile of fresh-out-of-the kiln bisque ware that needs some glaze, another firing, some decals and one last firing.

Those odd totem-esque towers are sets of our new cobalt slip cups. Designed to nest inside of each other, they have a rigid yet pleasant form. They are fabricated with a unique bi-casting system in which two kinds of porcelain slip are used in stages in the same mould. The result is a striking layered effect of cobalt blue porcelain exterior and white porcelain interior. 
Below are some our tests, we're still tweaking with amounts of cobalt used to tint the porcelain. 

This one is our favourite so far, with a solid dark cobalt exterior, with a smooth matte finish.
Here's a peek at how the cups look ion the mould. Notice the dark band of cobalt slip that makes up the exterior. More cups are in the works as we speak, with one last test to go.

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