December 05, 2011

Cups Aplenty

Showing Off Our Stripes 

After some exploration we’ve settled on a few new ideas from our New Cup Studies. You may have seen our Cobalt Slip Cups well here’s a different variation: Stripes!
A fun little project, we printed dozens of lines and played with all kinds of variations. The result is a series of playful cups, each with different pattern of lines, thick, thin, lots or few. Each cup is different. Sold in pairs, one larger and one smaller. They nest and stack too, just like their handsome blue brothers. Available at the upcoming City of Craft or the rcboisjoli ETSY shop.

The large cup on the left and the smaller on the right, both stacked three high. Below shows the tidy foot ring and rcboisjoli studios mark.


  1. These are GORGEOUS! That's it, I'm saving my money! Found your blog through a comment you made on Design Sponge's website - so glad I got curious; some beautiful things you've got here! Sarah x