January 20, 2012

All Lit Up


Fresh from the mail-stream is a little box from a lighting supply shop, which contained our new and improved lantern hardware. We always get excited for new hardware and supplies at the rcboisjoli studio and we had almost given up hope of receiving this stuff before deign week, but then ding-dong, there’s Canada Post with our little box in hand. 
Our porcelain lanterns are a collage of ceramic decals applied not only to the exterior, but also to the interior of a translucent porcelain body. Once lit up, the decals play against each other, contrasting themselves through the walls of the form. During the daylight hours, this lantern is standalone, with great patterns on the surface and a classic tin lantern influenced form. At night, however, the whole piece becomes alive with the playful effects of solid contrasting lines and the once opaque porcelain glows with a warm translucence.
This little Porcelain Lantern is just one firing away from being wired up and is set to be installed on Wednesday for the Do West events along Dundas st. West, be sure to come out and check out all the goods!


  1. Wow interesting, I would love to see it lit up!

  2. Stay tuned, just picked up some wire today. Lit up shoot to follow soon!