January 05, 2012

Collected: Fred W Flett

In Appreciation of Bottles

This little chemist bottle was also sourced from that same pop up shop in summer at Kensington Market as the second Charles Wilson soda (add link) Embossed letters of Fred W Flett Dispensing Chemist Toronto Ont clad the front inset plate. The back oddly does not match the front with a barrelled round face.I love how crude the mouth and lip are. Made separately and applied to the top by hand, this bottle was made fast and crude. 

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  1. This particular style of prescription bottle was/is known as a "Philadelphia Oval." The term oval, somewhat of a misnomer, was commonly used by the glass industry from the 1860s until around the 1960s. Philadelphia Ovals were at the height of their popularity from the late 1880s until the very early 1900s. Around 1910 or so, the Philadelphia Oval was modified in Canada with a scooped shoulder, rather than the rounded one as pictured. The new name for the new style? The Toronto Oval! Flett's bottles come in both styles and more.

  2. Wow, Thanks for the info. Great to know!