January 06, 2012

Distractions and Contractions

Sunsets and Plate Breaks

We are quite often treated to beautiful sunsets in West End Toronto, and our second story view from up hill on Keele St. allows the rcboisjoli studio workers a great view. Today’s was extra special and we took a few moments to enjoy it's fleeting beauty. 

When we came back to our work tables we discovered that whilst we were away enjoying the beauty, we lost a plate. Plates are notorious for cracking, slumping, warping and just being terrible to cast. This plate actually made it pretty far until we painted the back of it with a black slip. The plate was bone dry and the addition of the thick wet slip on only one side caused so much stress, it broke. 
That’s just one of the most heart breaking things about ceramics, sometimes it just breaks.

 Black slip on the bottom on the raw clay plate, too much stress and the plate just gave in.

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