February 07, 2012

The Bottled Project Round Four: Hyein Lee

The Bottled Project Presents: Hyein Lee

After a wee break from production we are pleased to launch our fourth release of rcboisjoli’s The Bottled Project. Illustrated by the awesomely talented Hyein Lee and fabricated in the rcboisjoli studio, this handsome bottle is our most dynamic bottle yet! The bottle features a full wrap-around, two colour decal printed in bright blue and an intense yellow overglaze. Hyein’s graphic style blends lots of hand drawn character with a sharp modern edge. We discovered her at the Queen West Art Crawl peddling her wares in the fall and had to invite her to participate in our project.

Full of action and covered in a whole collection of furry, ghosty and abominable creatures, the dynamic illustration is undeniably Hyein’s work. One glance at her unique work and you can easily see the common elements that define her creative and exciting style. We couldn’t be happier with the results of this great collaboration. This bottle will be launched in our esty store next week once we get a few more out of the kiln and ready to go. As with the other releases, they will only be available in a limited run of individually numbered bottles.


  1. \( O u O )/ Yay~!! It's so awesome to work with you! xo

    1. It was nothing but a pleasure! A bit of a wait but totally worth it!!