March 31, 2012

Anchor Beers

Anchor Beer Bottles

Sometimes you get a good idea from all the leftovers for other projects, decorating one form with the images from another. These Anchor Beers were a last minute decorating idea last summer and they all sold out the first sale we attended. So when we found a case of glazed beer bottle forms that needed decorating and we're making a new batch of bottles for City of Craft Spring Show!
The bottles feature a double layer decal, first the black anchor then a platinum horse over top. This step needs a second decal firing, as the two decals can't be layered. The different decals fire to a different temperature and each layer needs to burn out fully before the second image can be fired on top. This isn’t much of a problem as we have lots of decal kilns going on right now with show prep. 

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