March 07, 2012

Fired Lustre Bears


Who doesn't like shiny things? Here at the rcboisjoli studios we’ve been making use of some fancy lustre decals we had made in England last year. Printing lustre decals must be an intense process. Lustre, in this case platinum, is held in thick medium that's a heavy duty oil based organic solvent. Respirators must be used, and I'm sure every rag, brush and silk screen is re-processed to get every speck of precious metal back.
Check on yesterday’s post to see the transformation from lack-lustre brown bears to these handsome shiny fellows. (pun intended)

The bowl is a tester for our Bi-Cast Cobalt wares, we’re upgrading to a fancier, cooler and finer porcelain. That lustre horse looks great on the cold, matte blue cobalt porcelain. More on that to come soon.
Those Platinum Bears are heading out to a few stores soon and will be launched online in our ETSY shop very soon.

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