March 06, 2012

Matt & Daves Trials

Glaze Testing

Here at the rcboisjoli studios, were mixing up little test batches of some new glazes, trying to get a perfect match for the troublesome Matt & Dave’s Cone 6 clays. We've been put to the challenge by a collage to find a good fit for the clay body at cone 04. Our neighbour bisque fires her work right to maturity and glaze fires to a lower cone 04. This prevents distortions and allows for more stability in sculptural forms, this is a common technique in industrial/commercial settings. 
We're gotten a good cone 6 clear glaze from Jon at PSH and a little searching from a potter friend gave us four recipes as starting off points. First round is in the kiln right now. 
Fingers crossed. 

Above is our first successful run of a cone 6 clear glaze on the Matt & Dave’s The Coup. The recipe doesn’t craze but the actual glaze leaves much to be desired, it's a rather unremarkable clear, but effective on the clay body nonetheless. 

Frit 3195              45%
Talc                      15%
Silica 325             21%
EPK                     18%
Bentonite              01%
total                    100

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