April 16, 2012

Chevaux de Bois Salter

Salt Shakers

There are so many ceramic salt shakers out there and most of them don’t work very well at all. The new release of the Chevaux de Bois Salt Shaker will change all that. Based on the simplest form and the easiest plug around. This shaker is just a tube and a cork, with a hole. The single hole allows a small but useful amount of salt to pass through. An oversized cork holds all that salty goodness inside. Easy to fill, and even easier to use. Just listed at the rcboisjoli studios ETSY Shop and we’ll be sure to have some at the City of Craft Spring in Toronto this weekend.
Great to keep at the table, as this handsome salt shaker is as beautiful as it is functional.
Satin White glaze with a cobalt blue Chevaux de Bois Brand logo. Based off an in-house turned plaster model and decorated with hand silk screened decals.

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