April 08, 2012


Striped Tumblers

It’s the holiday weekend but the rcboisjoli studios are full of work (and a bit of a mess). We’ve been pushing through a few projects in anticipation of the Spring City of Craft coming up, in less than two weeks! Today was full of decal printing, kiln work and a bit of glazing. We took the first round of our new Tumblers out of the glaze kiln and could not be happier with the results so far.

Based on a continuation of the cut foot cup series, we’ve matched the Duo-Cast Cobalt Porcelain colour scheme of blue and white with a white tumbler and bold blue stripes. The tumbler is basically a continuation of the same form, just taller. Matching sets are a new theme for us. The blue stripes are applied as one long continuous decal, printed by silk screening. Each tumbler has a unique set of stripes, each different from one another, adding to the hand made character of the series.

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