June 05, 2012

All That Glitters...

Gold Lustre Decals

This is the first test of our new gold lustre decals. Pretty great stuff, we must admit. These little guys were printed in the UK as printing lustre decals is a pretty intense process. It uses a tough solvent that contains the oh so shiny gold, and we’re glad to have a such accommodating printer who loves doing it for us. Lustre decals allow for a touch of metallic finish without having to paint the aggressively stinky stuff by hand. 

This anchor crown motif is going to be used for a Toronto Design Week 2013 project. It’ll hopefully stand out well on a dark blue glaze. More to come on that when we finalize a glaze and get a full prototype out. So far, we’re on a pretty good schedule as the show is not going up until January 2013.

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