June 22, 2012

Golden Lustre Foxes and Coques

New! Gold Lustre Tumblers

Fresh from the rcboisjoli studios is a round of golden lustre decorated tumblers. These sturdy, large tumblers are glazed with our classic Quail Egg Glaze and decorated with bright gold lustre decals. Golden Foxes and Golden Coques contrast well against the dark textured glaze. Each tumbler holds a generous 500 ml of liquid, perfect for these hot days.
Available in the rcboisjoli studios’ Esty Shop

We love the effect of the lustre on top of the semi-matte texture of the Quail Egg Glaze. The gold lustre is a very, very thin layer of metallic pigment that rests just ontop of the glazed surface. It picks up all the minute textures of the our glaze, creating a unique variations of golden hues. Lustre reacts directly with the glaze surface, the smoother glossier the glaze is, the brighter and shinier the gold will be.


  1. Hi Alex
    These are great and it was so nice to see you at the studio on Monday! Was really interesting for me to get a peek behind your process.
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. Thanks, Alanna!
    It’s always nice to have visitors to the studio.