October 04, 2012

Make It Then, Make it again

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Above, is a cup fresh from the assembly line at the AGO - photo Naomi Yasui

After a wonderful Nuit Blacnhe weekend full of activities, the rcboisjoli studios are back at it. We participated in a wonderful installation/performance at the AGO Saturday night. Make It Then, Make It Again was installed as temporary production factory  in the Weston Family Learning Centre, at the AGO. A team of dedicated volunteers, factory workers, slaved away for twelve full hours producing metalwork, textiles and ceramics. Each volunteer was rewarded with a metal/wood stool, a denim jacket and a porcelain cup, all fabricated on site. Did we mention we had to sing, too?
A big congrats to Heather Goodchild and Naomi Yasui for putting all that together so perfectly, with much help from the all doing fabricator Josh Hall and musician Doug Paisley. Pictures can be found on the wonderfully captivating blog, The Wardens Today

Below is a stool, fabricated during the performance, in her new home.

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