November 05, 2012

Design Week 2013 Prep

Strainer Bowl Prototypes

As we enter November, next year is not that far away at all. Although even typing 2013 seems weird, Toronto Design Week 2013 is just a few weeks away, taking place in the last week of January. We've just pulled out the final prototypes for our Not Forkchops show work. Looking good so far, just a few tweaks and we can make the last set of good pieces.

Each set contains one solid bowl and one insertable strainer bowl that nests inside of the solid bottom bowl. The perforated bowl sits on the rim leaving a pocket for fluids to build up. Perfect for serving drippy pickled goods or rinsing for garden fresh herbs. A crowned double anchor decal in bright gold links the bottom and top bowls in an elegant motif. 
Below, the rcboisjoli studios mark is emblazoned in the same bright gold lustre.

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