November 26, 2012

Phillips & Son

The Launch of Phillips and Son

rcboisjoli is very excited to launch the first commissioned works by Phillips and Son. This handsome whale platter is the first of hopefully many domestic pieces to come. This platter is all new: a different hand formed model, new decals, new glazes and even a touch of gold. We were asked to create a free formed fluted oval platter, one that couldn't be turned on a lathe. It was a totally different way of forming a model for us, from paper to plywood to clay to plaster, it took several in between stages to get to just the right form to make a mold from. We love it though! We've just listed it in a new section on the rcboisjoli shop. All Phillips & Son products will be distributed through rcboisjoli studios.

The whale platter features a textured whale decal printed in shiny black overglaze paired with a gold lustre detail. Both images are contrasted on a new ivory-tan speckled glaze. The backs of the short rimmed platter are detailed with the new rcboisjoli mark and paired with the Phillips & Son logo. The fluted oblong shape is perfect for that mid morning coffee and cookie break. It is easy to grasp and carry both your coffee and snacks too. We love the ultra fine texture of the whale print. We had to cross our fingers was we exposed that screen, hoping all those teeny dots came out crisp and clear. We chose an much higher screen count for this silkscreen which allowed for some nice and small details.The great halftone pattern printed very well and shows the speckled glaze in great contrast through his belly.
We’re proud to partner up with Phillips & Son to created these beautiful domestic objects and hope to expand their line of goods in the future.

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