January 10, 2013

Winter Sleep

Break Time is Over

We had a nice break, but it's back to it! After a super busy holiday season, our best ever, we needed a few weeks to rest and repair. We couldn't have been happier with City of Craft 2012 and all the support we had from customers, friends and all the store that carry our goods. Thank you!

Now it’s back to work for all us at the rcboisjoli studios. 
Design week is coming up, and Imm Living’s Not Forkchops is right around the corner. Toronto Design Week is going to be huge this year, with dozens of events, shows and parties all over the city. ToDo, Toronto Design Offsite is responsible for getting it all together. Check out the myriad of things to do and see through the ToDo link.

Below is our working prototype for Not Forkchops. More info to come, just a sneak peek for now. 

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