March 11, 2013

Metallic Squirrel Bottle

Gilded Rodents

A new form and a new shiny squirrel from the rcboisjoli studios! This tin bottle inspired bottle is all new. A new stain matte glaze called Ultra White, a new gold lustre decal and even the newest rcboisjoli 2013 mark. 
Our newest glaze has a smooth buttery texture that is created with millions of teeny crystals that form a matte surface within the glaze surface. These little crystals not only create the flat, less-reflective surface, they also create a wonderful texture within the gold lustre decal. Instead of a pure reflective surface, it has a wonderful foil effect, like the kind you find in a nice box of chocolates. 
The photo shows off the double necked feature we’ve incorporated into this form, it mirrors the cut off, angled bottom. Each bottle is clad with the newest rcboisjoli mark, the first release for 2013! Also featured in this photoshoot is the first few sprigs of blossoms from our newest begonia plant. This handsome bottle has just been listed in our etsy shop as well.

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