July 09, 2011

James Street North, Hamilton

James Street Art Crawl: July 8 2011

The second Friday of every month transforms the streets of Hamilton into a cultural oasis. Crowds of people, busy art filled studios, historic buildings alive once more, as if they never died. 

My personal favourite was an installation from James Buttrum & Son: Outside Context. This pop up show featured artwork from University of Western Ontario's graduate programs. Not only great work, but it was installed for one night only in a makeshift, in progress building renovation site. Exposed bricks, work-site lights and layers of exposed antique wallpaper provide a great atmosphere for the sculptural work.

After a bit of research to discover more about Buttrum & Son, some of the wallpaper may very well have been installed by Rachael Morrison for the May 3 art crawl. More can be seen at Stephanie Vegh's BLOG Buttrum & Son still remains mostly a mystery to me at this point, a repeat visit to Hamilton is planned for the Mega Crawl in September.

A second surprise was a accidental run in with Heather South and her amazing space, The Brain. I had mentioned on the train ride over, that a university friend opened a bar in Hamilton, and just by chance, we walked right into it whilst Heather was working.

Photo: Ian Phillips

A great space has grown over the years. Congrats to Heather and her partners! A great artistic space, with great beer and cheese. We sampled a sublime Irish blue, delicious.
 It being our first time to Hamilton, we took the chance to visit White Elephant and check out all their fine goods. Bowls of free candy kept us well fuelled for hours.

I really enjoyed their window display, especially this Home Juice Co bottle.

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