August 07, 2011

Glazing Glazing Glazing

Glazing It Up

Most ceramists dread glazing. Whatever method you choose to perform: spraying, painting or dipping, there are a myriad of ways to easily ruin your piece. Too thick, too thin, uneven, missed spots or that one area you didn't wipe off good enough all lead to disaster when opening up your glaze kiln. There's only one way to get good at glazing: practice. Usually if it works, don't change it.
No matter how many kilns are fired here at the rcboisjoli studio, it's always fingers crossed and a racing pulse as we raise that lid after our glaze firings.

Above is rcboisjoli's most popular glaze Seagull Egg and below is a line up of just dipped bottles and bowls, ready for a quick wipe and a toss into the kiln.

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