August 06, 2011

Junction Design Crawl

Crawling Through  It All

Last night was the premier Junction Design Crawl, with eleven shops participating in all the excitement right through 11 pm and beyond. Installations ranged from the ever so popular Icelandic hot dog stand at Mjölk to Polaroid shots with a paper moon at Russet and Empire to the new store front window at Narwhal (complete with back alley fortune teller and back yard fire pit BBQ)

 The unrelenting lineup for Mjölk's Icelandic hot dogs

Narwhal's Backyard fortune telling tent city, back window bar and curious plant from their new storefront window installation. The installation, Carnival, references old time store fronts. The kind that used to populate Queen West with their used appliances and handwritten signs. Stove tops and potted plants drag up old memories for me.


It was grand to see hoards of people populating the streets of the Junction. rcboisjoli's studio is just on the upper cusp of the Junction and we rarely venture out to the Junction proper. Events like these build a stronger sense of community. Touted as the "Next Queen West" the Junction is full of artists, designs, shops and studios. Street crawls and open houses enliven our community and bring much needed focus the the thriving yet still small town feel of the Junction neighbourhood. We're looking forward to lots more in the time to come.

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  1. is that stovetop plant shop gone? i thought it was still there.