March 23, 2012

Grey Glaze Tests

Glaze Chemistry: A Great Grey Is Hard To Get

A nice glaze is hard to get for sure, but a nice neutral grey is even harder to get. This is our first round of grey tests for a series of light fixtures, very large light fixtures. We're hoping to get a bit lighter and a bit cooler. We'll have to experiment with a new batch and cross match. The first on the left is the closest so far. We were given a paint chip to match. That is a tough battle to fight, as glaze does not work like paint at all. Below is the same line of glazes before the kiln last night. You can see the big change in colour and tone after a firing. All the changes, both physically and chemically, during the firing make matching a paint chip very hard to do.
We're excited about the fourth bottle from the left, we'll have to keep that one for ourselves. 

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