April 01, 2012

Test Bugs Fired

Overglaze Tests

punch pop pow, overglazes are so much nicer after a quick firing. These little bugs got fired to about 807 °C (1485 °F) The overglaze melts and fuses into the glazed surface underneath and this results in the intensifying of the pigment and making it very much permanent. The above image is the test batch of overglazes we printed yesterday. We used this old screen of bugs decals because it allowed us to print small images with solid areas, thin line work and textures in one pull. Below is the final fired test of our six favourite test colours. 
What a surprise that orange turned out to be. The sample baggy said 'Pure Yellow' and we figured it was just a mislabel, as we really enjoyed the pumpkin hue it mixed up to be. Pure Yellow it is!

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