April 02, 2012


A Yellow Run

A recent run of yellow glazes based off our regular clear glaze that has been tinted with a bright yellow commercial stain. They are reminiscent of early California Pottery ware, with their bright hues and solid tones. Commercial stains are wonder pigments that are ultra refined and perfected by teams of engineers and chemists to result in pure stable colours. They come in a wide range of colours and shades and even come in some great pinks, reds and oranges that previously were not possible for high temperature glazes. The only draw back is the price, 10% by dry weight is needed for the purest yellow above and at $60 a kilo, it triples the cost of a straight in house made glaze. One might also say the inherit stability of the stains might facilitate a boring flat glaze, but we beg to differ. 
One other thing to take note of is the difference between a translucent and opaque glaze. The second and third bottle from the left, have the same amount of pigment. The only difference is an opacifier that adds a opaque effect to the glaze. This solidifies the colour but disables the pooling and puddling effects that highlight the form.

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