August 03, 2012

Double Decal Bear Crest

Decal On Decal

One thing that we love about decals here at the rcboisjoli studios, are their flexibility. Decals are applied on-glaze, as the last step in production. What makes them wonderful is that decals are like stickers, you can apply them, move them and even layer them. They work very much like a temporary tattoo, but they never come off once fired. 

This is a sneak peek at a new plate design we’re happy to have out of the kiln this morning. Although the form is a tumbler, the decal will be on our first ever release of decaled plates. This motif was created in two seperate applications of decals. The large black crest with cut out bear was applied first. Secondly a silver lustre, platinum bear was applied over top of the crest and fired again.Each layer needs to be fired and set before any other decals can be applied.

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