August 07, 2012

New Plates: Plated Bears

Platinum Plated Bear Crests

It may have taken a while, but rcboisjoli is pleased to announce the first ever release of plates! 
These simple angular forms are clad in an ultra graphic motif featuring a duo-tone decal in black and platinum lustre. Hand silk screened decals of the black crest and cutout bear motif are applied first. Secondly, a platinum lustre decal is applied and fired once more, giving the plate a unmatchable silver, mirror like design. A hand-turned model was created on the plaster lathe for the molds we used to slip cast the plates. The form is simple, angular and features a small delicate looking foot ring. 

The handy plates are glazed in a shell-like glaze, giving them an antiqued feel. These useful forms were slip cast in a durable porcelain slip, glazed with durable and foodsafe glazes and feature permanent non toxic overglazes decorations. Each plate is completed with the rcboisjoli studios mark on the bottom. Every plate measures a total diameter of 15 cm with a rise of 2 cm. (aprox 6" across and 3/4" high) Fully functional and graphically pleasing too, perfect for your table top or display on your wall.  
 The first round of these plates will be available at the up and coming Bloorcourt Show on August 18th and in the rcboisjoli studios ESTY Shop.  

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